• Band Saw, cutting capacity of 200 x 300mm. with 12m roller table.
  • 21 semi-automatic synergic welding machines 500 A, refrigerated by water.
  • 4 electrode welding machines 500 A.
  • 1 arc-air machine 1250 A.
  • 2 multifunction welding machines 160A. (semi, electrode and Tig).
  • 1 TIG welding machine 230A.
  • 1 TIG welding machine 320A.
  • 1 Drill.
  • 1 Plasma cutting machine up to 15mm.
  • 1 Folding machine 120 t.
  • 2 Shears 10 mm x 3 m. and 25mm x 2.3m.
  • 1 Universal punching machine Geka 50 t.
  • 1 Airless paint machine.

In our early days, the main activity of our company was based on the fabrication of structural beams of shaped sheet and metal structures for special equipment (benches, racks, accessories, etc...)

Currently, we have significantly diversified our fields of activity, dedicating ourselves to the boiler works in general, construction of structural beams, mezzanine floors and stairs, ornamental handrails and closing systems, recovery of foundry pieces, and even inside spare parts as well as assembly tools for the auxiliary railway company.

For the development of high complexity projects, we collaborate with a variety of suppliers of specific processes such as Laser Cutting, Folding in greater lengths to 3 meters, welding inserts and induction bolts, tubular or solid curved profiles, surface treatments (peening, galvanizing, bichromate process, etc.), thermic treatment, non-destructive testing, etc. all located in our geographic area.